Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

Spain and Portugal, 1865

And another map salvaged from the 1865 edition of E. von Sydow's school atlas found at Grandma's house. (Another one is here.) This one has a total resolution 20.007 x 17.225 pixel (that's a whopping 344 Megapixel for all you digital photographers out there) and is embedded as a zoomable Web image below in full glory.

This time I also added a link to open the map in our YUMA Map Annotation Tool. So if you feel like adding a note to this map - and are adventurous enough to test drive a VERY beta (but fabulous) tool coming fresh out of the research lab, with absolutely no documentation whatsoever (well... there is some here) - give it at try! (And let me know!)

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